Why is housework still a mother's job?

Today one of my teachers has shared this video on whatsapp group. I havent seen this advertisement before, because i do not have television here. Ab is smart phone k zamaane me wo kami kahlti bhi nahi. But television makes you watch advertisements....when you desperately wait for next segment of your fav serial or reality show or any news. Sports channels generally dont torture like other channels. Some advertisements are very good, worth watching not because of their products...ultimatly all the products are the best in the advertisements, but bcz they are disseminating some msgs, values thru their ads. Creative team of Ariel and surf excel have always done this, many others are doing so. This ad tells something to us.

 Why is housework still a mother's job? For many of us asking such question seems like we are questioning motherhood of our mothers, isn't it? Earlier, when i shared Men's world video on my blog, i was hesitant and felt ignorant as if i hav shared some nonsense. Bcz no one talked abt it fr so many days. Later on, my max frnds told me that they hav enjoyed it and aftr watching it they followed the whole series of Men's world. Its awesome...vry articulated..were the comments. Since then i learnt that its not about comments...sometimes people prefer action rathar than reaction.

There are many things which i can request you to pay attention to and if possible...learn. I have chosen this part..not because i am one of the sufferers but i am that gudiya who think that we should realize that 'gudiya' is not made for 'it'. I am a woman and that is the biggest reason. I love my brother, bcz we both understand each other's pain. I love my dad, he undrstands me, he feels sorry and now he has started helping my mother. In fact, last time when i was at home, he prepared tea for me and maa for the first time. I would love my husband, if both of us will put same efforts  for our home and life. That gudiya is very strong, she feels sorry for you that 'you' are so pampered. Even You cant take care of yourself. Plz grow up so that she can have some time for other things too. I know many male friends of mine who cook awesome and 100 times better than i do.
Things have changed a lot now male partners are supporting their female partners. But...yeah but is there.... still the fact remains the same what this ad talks about. Well, i spoke a lot, better you react and act now. Ye abhi facebook whatsapp pe khoob chayega..humpe bhi thoda khumaar chade ab inka to kuch maza aaye.


Shizzy said…
Your blog is very interesting. Browsing your blog is like walking through a variety shop of emotions and ideas. Always looking forward to your next blog.
And yeah!I loved mens world:thanks to your recommendation.

Shasank Agrawal said…
Ur post seems to be interesting
Nice and interesting post here. Thanks for sharing.
Satyendra said…

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