The Story of Mens******* 😷😷😷

                     Courtesy: youtube

This 1946 10 minutes long animated short film was produced by Walt Disney productions. It was a part of 1945-51 series of films produced by disney for american school. A gynecologist was hired to ensure the scientific accuracy.
It was one of the first commercially sponsered films to be distributed in the high schools. A booklet was also distributed for the teachers and students called ' very personally yours' that featured advertisements of some brands to be used and some directions for the girls.

It can be considered as one of the options in India too. Video has explained menstruation in a very simple and 'politically correct' language.

This platform is not visited by the target group still very helpful for many of us. Do watch and forward it to ur younger ones. It will be helpful. Stay healthy and well informed!!


Satyendra said…
Healthy living everyday :)

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